Northern Connection has led the adoption of Linux as a viable operating system in business

What we do, and how we do it

In the ever-changing world of Computing and Information Technology, Northern Connection has positioned itself at the cutting edge by partnering itself with such names as Novell, Microsoft, Symantec and Netgear, as well as specialist providers such as Portlock and Gwava. These partnerships have allowed us to offer wide ranging solutions encompassing technology such as Linux, Xen Virtualization, iSCSI, Clustering, and the complete range of Novell/Suse solutions.

With the Internet becoming the most important media for communication , Northern Connection focus upon supplying e-mail, spam filtering and web solutions based upon the Novell/Linux cross platform to achieve the minimum of downtime with the maximum of reliability. Now that Novell and Microsoft have worked together on interoperability, the era of cross-platform systems is now a reality with Northern Connection being well positioned to offer expertise and advice in this area.

  1. Microsoft Certified Partner
  2. Gwava
  3. Belkin
  4. Netgear
  5. Suse
  6. Symantec Silver Partner
  7. Novell Silver Partner
  8. Novell Solution Provider