Northern Connection provide secure and cost effective solutions to fit a multitude of differing roles

Introducing Northern Connection

With the Internet becoming the most important media for communication, Northern Connection focus upon supplying e-mail, spam filtering and web solutions based upon the Novell SUSE Linux cross platform to achieve the minimum of downtime with the maximum of reliability. Now that Novell and Microsoft have worked together on interoperability, the era of cross-platform systems is now a reality with Northern Connection being well positioned to offer expertise and advice in this area.

The IT industry is in a constant state of flux as new technologies assume important roles to the end user. The long association of Northern Connection with the IT infrastructure of the North East of England has enabled to company to form close links with a number of the top IT companies in the area, so that a complete range of solutions can be offered to suit all customer requirements. From state of the art Web Site design, to Virtualization, ISCSI storage, system design and implementation, Northern Connection can provide secure and cost effective solutions to fit a multitude of differing roles. Northern Connection has led the adoption of Linux as a viable operating system in the working environment for over eight years, and with the consolidation of SUSE with Novell, real cross platform solutions have now become a reality.

  1. Microsoft Certified Partner
  2. Gwava
  3. Belkin
  4. Netgear
  5. Suse
  6. Symantec Silver Partner
  7. Novell Silver Partner
  8. Novell Solution Provider